Acute Stroke Unit Orientation

Cover Page


Table of Contents



Module 1: Pathophysiology of Stroke, Neuroanatomy, and Stroke Syndromes


Module 2: Acute Stroke Management


Module 3: Pre-Hospital and Emergency Management


Module 4: Diagnostics and Assessments


Module 5: Swallowing, Nutrition and Oral Care


Module 6: Hemiplegic Shoulder, Positioning, Mobility and Transfers


Module 7: Cognition, Perception, and Behaviour


Module 8: Monitoring Vascular Risk Factors and Secondary Stroke Prevention


Module 9: Mood and Behaviour Changes


Module 10: Sexual Health Post-Stroke


Additional Resources

Please contact Libbie McConnell by email ( or phone (519-685-8500 ext 34899) for further information on the Acute Stroke Unit Orientation resource.