Acute Care
Acute stroke care refers to the key interventions involved in the assessment, treatment or management, and early recovery in the first hours and days after stroke onset. Acute stroke care is divided into three different phases: the prehospital, emergency department, and the acute inpatient unit. Prehospital care, assessment and stabilization is provided by Emergency Medical Services, who transport the patient to a stroke centre. Emergency Department care includes initial diagnostic procedures that identify the nature and mechanism of stroke, and acute stroke treatment. Acute inpatient care is provided by an interdisciplinary team, to prevent complications and promote early recovery, develop an individualized secondary prevention plan, and engage with the stroke survivor and family to assess and plan for transition to the next level of care.

For more information about acute care in the Southwestern Ontario Stroke Network Region, please contact:

Laura-Lynn Atkins
Regional Acute Care Coordinator
519-685-8500 ext 32048