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The Southwestern Ontario Stroke Network advocates for, and supports the development of, stroke related services within our region. Annual reports capture yearly work on a regional and district level. Work on broader initiatives is encapsulated in project-specific reports.


In 2008, a community engagement process was initiated to obtain a more detailed understanding of the barriers to inclusion and participation that stroke survivors and their families experience when re-integrating into their community following a stroke, and to identify possibilities for action.

Six community engagement sessions were held in 6 districts across the Erie St Clair and South West LHIN Regions with the intent to include people and organizations representative of the diversity of the region.

Common themes developed which have been described as pathways. While each pathway requires specific actions to ensure change, they are interrelated and an integrated strategy is required to ensure an impact on people’s lives.


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This report is intended to share the experiences and lessons learned from the South West LHIN’s Community Stroke Rehabilitation Teams in achieving improved client and caregiver outcomes as well as health care system benefits.


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