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The purpose of acquiring certification is to enhance your expertise and provide proof of a sound level of competence.

The Southwestern Ontario Stroke Network encourages you to engage in any of the certifications below with stroke best practice related content.


Hemispheres, a Stroke Competency Series, is comprised of seven comprehensive courses providing current best practices and consistent 24/7 education. Amazing visuals, animations, and interactivity help to increase understanding and promote retention. Education is the key to competence, compliance and the best outcomes! Hemispheres also includes free NIH Stroke Scale Training and Certification.

8 levels of stroke education:

  1. Brain Anatomy & Physiology
  2. Stroke Pathophysiology
  3. Emergency Response to Stroke
  4. In-Hospital Ischemic Stroke
  5. In-Hospital Hemorrhagic Stroke
  6. Stroke Prevention
  7. Excellence in Stroke Care
  8. NIH Stroke Scale Training and Certification

Please contact your District Stroke Manager to inquire about participating in the Hemispheres Stroke competency series. 


Apex Innovations web site

Being certified in Rehabilitation Nursing shows that you’re committed to an advanced standard of professional competence and have a comprehensive understanding of your nursing specialty.  Approximately, 5-15% of this exam focuses on The Care of a Client with Stroke.

Canadian Nurses Association – Rehabilitation Nursing Specialty

Southwestern Ontario Stroke Network – Self-Directed CRN (c) Exam Preparation Guide

This University of Alberta online graduate level credit certificate is an inter-disciplinary stroke rehabilitation program designed to address the learning needs of rehabilitation clinicians across the continuum of care.

This program provides high quality post-professional education on best-practices and evidence-based guidelines in stroke rehabilitation which will help to increase effectiveness and efficiency in helping stroke survivors to regain function and re-integrate into their home and community lives.


University of Alberta Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine web site

Hypertension Canada (HTC) acknowledges the solid background training of Canada’s health professionals – as well as the care they take to keep their skills up to date. Hypertension Canada and the Société québécoise d’hypertension artérielle (SQHA) are offering this online training course to help these professionals acquire and maintain skills specifically geared to a hypertensive clientele.


Professional Education Program web site

The National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIH Stroke Scale or NIHSS) is 15-item neurological stroke examination scale that broadly used in clinical practice. The 10-minute tool is a simple, valid, and reliable evaluation of the acuity of stroke patients, which also guides treatment and predicts clinical outcomes.

The required training and certification required to use the tool in clinical practice is available at the NIHSS web site.


Visit the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale Web Site